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The Firm

We encourage our individual company leadership partner heads to grow their companies and their people to be the best they can be.


How we invest in our companies and our people


  • Retirement Education

  • Quarterly Bonus.


  • 401K.                              


  • Medical 

  • Vision

  • Dental

  • Prescriptions

  • Mental Healthcare


  • Promote from within



  • Continual crosstraining


  • Employee of the Quarter

  • Employee of the year

  • Team builder

Modern City

Our Core Values 


The belief, desire or trust that the goal in mind may be achieved.


Community service, co-worker assistance and other forms of service are expected from all employees.  We have an obligation to serve others as we serve ourselves.


Each individual, department and organization are responsible for maintaining company standards, goals and customer service.  We are required to adhere to uniform company guidelines at all levels in order to maintain healthy work environments.


Honesty, fairness and integrity assist in comprising the definition of the word honor.  This is also a source of credit or distinction.


Continuing education in your related field is an opportunity the company offers all employees.  We work in each area of service to provide accredited continuing education to keep us all at the forefront of our businesses.


An atmosphere of relating to one another as a family in each separate company and as a group of companies.

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