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Meet Our Leaders

Sharon as a co-founder has executive responsibility for all strategic partnerships. Her focus is on improving our business processes to deliver maximum success and managing our individual company leader partners. 

She brings outstanding management skills in the areas of Human Resources, Budgeting, Business Development, Financial Forecasting and Real Estate Investing. 

From her days as the youngest CEO in the Atlanta Region until now, Sharon has exhibited all the necessary knowledge and inspiration needed for overall success. 

As an addition to her numerous noted skills and experience, Sharon utilizes her culinary degree to showcase and manage The Epic Culinarian television cooking show products offered by 10z media. 

Sharon Payne, Co-founder and CEO


Charlz is a highly experienced sales and finance leader with an outstanding record of helping company teams meet goals across many different industries over many years. He brings a wealth of knowledge to his roles as co-founder and business transformation partner. He works closely with the leadership team to develop world class business practices. Utilizing his MBA and JD university degrees along with years of hands-on management expertise, he provides effective solutions to the many problems of today's business operations nationwide.

Charlz Payne, Co-founder and Business Transformation Partner

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