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About Us


    10z Companies is a diversified management, investment and holding company whose various companies are focused on hospitality, manufacturing and entertainment/technology industries.  While overseeing the operations of its companies, 10z Companies allocates resources among them and helps to improve performance of the different entities' operations.  10z Companies seeks out acquisition opportunities that strengthen our positions in our numerous business segments.  In the market segments we serve, we excel when combining scale with operational agility.

    Recognized for our entrepreneurial approach, for over 30 years, our team of employees take pride in providing our customers the 10z Companies best of service.  With a focus on creating jobs in many marketplace segments, 10z Companies embraces the ideal of helping others so that they may help themselves.

    10z Companies centers its growth on four primary areas of focus: Financial Solutions, Media, Private Equity, and Real Estate.  The corporate vehicles and brands we are using to perform these services are 10z Financial, 10z Media, and 10z Real Estate.  Additional corporate and non-profit entities affiliated with

10z Companies include The Epic Culinarian, Epic Blessings and The Radiance.

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